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About Mexico

Mexico today

Mexico is a federal republic consisting of 31 states and one so called district. With about 2.000.000 square kilometers it is the 14th biggest country of the world. With about 110 million inhabitants actually Mexico ranges on place 11 in world wide comparison. The population grows fast as the medium age is only about 24 years and families tend to have more than 2 children.Since about 200 years Mexico is a independent country with a mixture of many different ethnic groups. With about 60 % most Mexicans are mestizos, followed by indigenous and predominantly indigenous people with 30 %. The percentage of european, asian and african population is about 10%.


Located south of the USA and north of Belize and Guatemala, Mexicos surface is characterized by the two mountain ranges called Sierra Madre occidental and oriental. Due to this circumstance the larger northern and central part of the country and so its cities are on situated on higher altitude levels. The capital city, Mexico City, is located at an altitude of 2200 m and the second largest city, Guadalajara in the state of Jalisco, at 1600 m. As Mexico borders to the west to the Pacific Ocean and to the east to the Gulf of Mexico, the areas close to the coasts are at lower altitudes and have very different climate.


Because of its geographical and climatical differences, Mexico ranks within the 5 countries with highest biodiversity. Flora as well as fauna are unique in Mexico, about 20 % of the countries surface are by law protected as natural reserve areas. Many of the worlds most ingredientes, fruits and vegetables come from Mexico. Without Mexico the world would not know chocolate, tomato, maize, avocado and many others.

Travel to Mexico

The coastal climate and the cultural diversity, consisting of either pure or mixed european and meso american culture, makes Mexico one of the 10 most interesting travel destinations in international comparison. Besides the modern beach resorts, the perfect weather conditions for tourism and activities and culturally valuable travel destinations like the Baja California Peninsula, the Yucatan Peninsula or the pacific coast with trevel destinations like Cabo San Lucas, Cancun, Puerto Vallarta and many others, Mexico provides a unique view on ancient cultures like the Maya, the Aztec culture or the Olmecas. Hundreds of ancient ruins and buldings all over Mexico are visited year by year million of times. A total of 20 Million tourists visit the country each year and this number is still growing as the Mexican government invests in the tourism industry.

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On our sites You find about 600 cities and villages in Mexico, each listed with some information on tourism related topix like sightseeing, accommodation, real estate or activities. Please feel free to help us building the most complete Mexico guide by providing us with Your travelog, Your in deep article, photos or any other interesting information. You are free to add Your own web site as a listing, as far as it is related either to a city, a travel destination or any cultural or Mexico related topic. Besides the listed localities in Mexico there are a lot more which are interesting to visit. If You are looking for more interesting information on all locations with more than 500 inhabitants in Mexico browse the site Mexico Facts which features the basic information together with some photos of all these places.

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Puerto Escondido

Cabo San Lucas


Isla Mujeres

Playa Carmen


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